Teachers - sending homework

You can send homework by clicking on Send new inside the group. To do it, go to the section Groups, choose the group and click on Send new.


If the group has just been added, and you haven’t sent homework yet, the page will look like this:


To send homework  for the first time, chose the programme for your group:

  • Choose the name of the course the group will take.
  • Click on the blue button Choose the programme.
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on Choose in the new window.

NB! The choice of education programme influences homework recommendations. You can change the group programme whenever you want.

You can choose any exercises given in each block.

  • To view the exercise before sending it, click on its name. The exercise slide will open in a new tab.
  • To close the view mode, close the tab with the exercise.


  1. Choose the exercises to send by ticking them: click on the box (☐) at the beginning of the line with the exercise name and it will turn into ☑ .
  2. A briefcase green icon next to the exercise means you have already sent this task to your students as homework.
  3. After you have ticked all the necessary exercises, click on Choose exercises in the lower right corner of the page.


4. After you have ticked the exercises, choose who they have to be sent to, all students or individual students. Set the date by which the students have to complete the homework. To do it, click on the field with the calendar icon under the word Deadline.


5. Click on Send.

💡 You’ll be able to see the score for this homework as you complete it.

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