Teachers - introduction to section Groups

In the section Groups, you’ll find information on all the groups you’ve added. A group card shows the following information:

  • Group name;
  • The name of the last Homework chapter;
  • Homework status;
  • Statistics on the last homework task


If you have just added a group and haven’t sent a homework task yet, then the card will look like this:


Hover over the card to Go to group.


Inside the group:

  • You can see recently sent homework tasks (their status, date and task progress) as well as See all tasks.
  • You can always go to the previous page by clicking on Back - < in the upper left corner.
  • To send a new homework task, click on Send new.
  • You can remove a dropout student from the list by clicking on Group list in the upper right corner.

💡 Teachers - adding groups and the student list

  • After getting the first homework results, you’ll see the statistics on task completion on the right side.


  • Below, you can see the name of the chapter the current homework belongs to, the deadline (the date by which your students have to complete the task) and the coloured bar reflecting the statistics on this homework (find out more in the section Last homework results).

Ind. means that the task has been assigned to particular students individually.

Below, there is a block with the last homework statistics and the average score for the current Unit — Academic record. In this section, you’ll find the list of students and their results.

  • Here you can find more information on homework by clicking on its name:
    • Name, status, deadline.
    • The list of sent tasks (if there are more than 4 tasks, the full list can be viewed by clicking on All homework tasks).
    • An icon showing what skills are trained in each task.
    • Then, there are results of each student for each task of the chosen homework: task points, mark (on a 10-point scale), date of completion, average group score for the task.
    • Hover over the student's name to see their general average score for the year and their average score for different language skills.
    • Current homework can be deleted.



💡 Read more in this article: Teachers - homework results

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