Teachers - group statistics

Under the coloured bar inside the group, there is a big statistics block — Homework results — that reflects a group's progress.

To go to the statistics section, go to Groups — Choose the group — Scroll to the block Academic record.

  • In the first column, you'll see the group list in alphabetical order. In the next three columns, you can find your students' marks for the last seven homework tasks, and the eighth column shows the average score for the current module.
  • In the head of the table, the deadline (the date by which the homework must be completed) and the chapter to which this homework belongs are shown.
  • If a student hasn't done the task or hasn't managed to finish it, their mark is coloured in red.
  • Hover the cursor over the average unit score (the rightmost column) to see the detailed evaluation of the key skills that were trained in the unit homework.
  • When looking at statistics in the section Academic record, hover the cursor over the date of a task to see the average group score for each homework section.

Let's have a closer look at this window:

  1. For example, we hover the cursor over December 26, which is the deadline for a particular homework task. We can see the name of the section — Conditionals: zero, first, time clauses, conjunctions — as well as the average group score for the completed homework task (1).
  2. Before the name of the exercise, we can see a grey icon indicating the main skill trained in the exercise (2).
  3. We can also see the average mark for this exercise among all the students in the group (3).
  • The statistics on all the homework tasks since the beginning of the year can be seen here: Groups — Choose the group — in the section Academic record click on From the start of the academic year.
  • When there are too many marks, you'll be able to navigate the academic record by using the left and right arrow keys.

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