Teachers - changing students group

Transferring students to your group

💡  We don’t recommend creating a new student’s account to register them in another group.

Do you want to change Group year?
Do you need to transfer a student to another group?

Ask a student to change the group, students can do it in their personal account. Read more in this article.

What will happen after transfering the student?
  1. All previously received homework tasks will be saved in your student’s account.
  2. The student will be able to receive homework tasks in the new group, but won’t be able to see homework tasks that were previously sent to the new group.
  3. The student won’t appear in the previous group.
  4. Homework results from the previous group won’t appear in the new group.
How can a student receive homework tasks that were previously sent to a new group?

The only solution is to assign the task to students individually. There are more details about sending homework tasks individually in paragraph 4 of this article

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