Teachers - account registration


  1. Go to Skyes and click Sign in
  2. On the next page, choose Sign up
  3. Choose I'm a Teacher
  4. If you have an invitation code from your university, you may use it for registration. Click Yes, I've got it and enter the invitation code, then click Continue to sign up

💡 You may register without an invitation code. A free demo account gives access to all the educational materials and platform features for 30 days.
  Click No, sign me up without a code

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After choosing a relevant registration option and doing the initial steps, follow the steps below:
  1. In the new tab, enter your Country, City and Institution, then click Continue to sign up
  2. If there is no suitable option in any given boxes, click Haven't found your option? and fill in the fields Country, City and Institution manually, then click Continue to sign up
  3. Type in your First name, Last name, Phone number, Email and Password, then click Sign up. Please remember the address and password as you are going to need these details to log in to the platform.

💡 If you've lost your personal account password, you can reset it. You must have access to the specified email address.

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What errors can occur and what do they mean?

Invalid invitation code

This error occurs if the access code was typed in incorrectly or it has already been used.
Make sure the code was typed correctly without space or extra symbols.

This email is already used or invalid. Try another email.

If you have already registered with another email at Skyes, log in to your account using it.

  • We don’t recommend creating several accounts on your name.
  • If you have a problem with the login, you can find a solution in the article: How to log in to personal account.

If you use email in your account at Skyeng, there may be an error too.

  • In this case you can use another email to register at Skyes.

What you can do if none of the above has helped.

Please contact Skyes tech support team at support@uniskyes.com or send a message in the live chat on the website.

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