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  1. Study FAQ — 5 minutes
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  3. Study the Guidance to Skyes platform — 5 minutes


  • How can students get access to the platform?
    • When you register and create groups in your personal area, you will be able to create group codes for inviting students to register at the platform. The platform will generate codes and guide you what to do further.
  • Is access to the platform free?
    • You can start with a one-month trial period that is free of charge.
  • How many students can I add to the group?
    • You can add as many students as you need. There are no limits.
  • Will the platform work on my computer? And on the smartphone?
    • Skyes works on any device: a computer, a smartphone and a tablet.
    • Students can do homework on their computer, tablet or smartphone. A smartphone can become handy when the main internet connection is not fast enough.
    • Besides, we've got a special mobile app where students can also do their homework. Click on the links below to download the app:
  • What should I do if some problems arise while working at the platform?
    • If you have any questions, feel free to contact with our Skyes tech support team using one of the means below:
      • through the Live Chat Support in your personal area (the icon image in the lower right corner)
      • by email: support@uniskyes.com
  • What difficulties might you have?
    • The most popular errors, such as signing up or login and password reset, are presented in the articles in the Getting started section.

About content on Skyes

image The materials are presented on the Skyes platform

How to find relevant grammar or lexical material on the platform in one click? Easier than ever, as long as you've got our Content navigator and Course descriptions close at hand.

image Content navigator
 image Skyes course descriptions

Your guide to the platform features

Getting started Groups and students Homework and statistics
image Registration
image Account login
image Password reset
image  Introduction to section Groups
image  Adding groups and the student list
image  Editing and deleting the groups
image  Changing students group
image  Sending homework
image  Homework results
image  Group statistics
image  Video guide

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Please contact Skyes tech support team at support@uniskyes.com or send a message in the live chat on the website.

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