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Words is a trainer helping you to memorize new vocabulary. Add the words that you want to learn and revise them whenever you want, on the platform or in the mobile app.

How to add a word to Words

Whenever you see an unknown word in the exercise, you can learn its meaning and add it to the trainer straightaway.

  • Go to Words in the left menu.
  • Click on the word in the text to select it (1). On the left, you will see the definition of the word as well as several examples with the word and variations in meaning. You can also listen to how the word is pronounced (2).
  • Below you’ll see the button Add to vocabulary (3). Click on the button to add the word to the trainer.


Wordlist. A selection of words

Some exercises are accompanied by a ready-made list of useful words. The whole list can be added to the vocabulary.



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