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In the Extra courses section, you’ll find trainers for self-study.

These are not only courses aimed at developing specific English skills and practising pronunciation, but also courses allowing to build business skills essential for students.

NB! The teacher won't see the results of completing tasks from this section.


Here you can find materials that are independent of the main study course but can help improve different aspects of your language skills.

  • Vocabulary Trainers help to learn how to correctly use words and expressions in accordance with the context as well as understand the nuances of using words in different situational contexts.
  • Interjections. These interactive trainers teach how to distinguish between the meanings of different interjections and to use them correctly, namely in the way they are used in authentic speech and real-life situations.
  • Choose your own business adventure. 7 thematic trainers on different aspects of business: emailing, networking, telephoning, negotiations, meetings, business trips, presentations. Each trainer is a text-based adventure series based on a university graduate’s first experiences of office life. The aim of the trainer is to teach you how to use Business English, clarify the nuances of using particular English phrases, demonstrate the role that the choice of a phrase can play in the unfolding of a situation, and give practical advice on handling situations that are typical for the business environment.
  • Lego Grammar is a series of mini-lessons (“blocks”) on grammar. The course aims at filling the gaps in the knowledge of grammatical rules and provides an opportunity to put knowledge into practice.
  • Video practice is a series of thematic video materials accompanied by short exercises for developing listening skills.
  • Internships is a course consisting of 8 lessons on doing internships in foreign companies and abroad. The course provides information on different types of internships, the requirements and resources necessary for becoming an intern, and the role that the English language plays in the process of getting an internship and successfully completing it.
  • Lego Mixed tenses is a course that will help you to learn the rules of building main tense structures.
  • Lego Vocabulary is a trainer providing practice on using commonly misused words. The trainer features words, word formations, phrasemes, idioms and set expressions that are most often misused.
  • Lego Phonetics is a trainer providing practice on English transcription, reading rules and the correct articulation of sounds in English.

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