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Your academic progress is composed of your homework results. When you complete an exercise, you'll see the final score.

💡 Completing the exercises from "Educational course" and "Extra courses" doesn't affect rating.

In your personal area, there is a motivational tool, the Statistics and achievements block (1). Click on each icon to see what needs to be done to get a particular achievement.

Earn all the achievement stickers to improve your level!

Click on each icon and read the task. As soon as the task is completed, the sticker will become colourful.


On the right side of the statistics block, you'll see your group rating (3) (the average group score for completing homework).

Below, you'll see the Skills section (2). Here you can find the average score for each skill (Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading, Listening). In this way, you can see which of your skills are strong and which require more work.

There is also the Best results for Unit section (1), where you can see the Rating of the whole group (2).

Let's click on Rating of the whole group (2). A new window will pop up showing the group results for the module. Here you can see how successfully your groupmates complete homework tasks.


Here you can also find links for downloading the Skyeng mobile app for training vocabulary and doing homework (1).


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