Students - homeworks

On the Skyes platform, the teacher sends you homework tasks.

You can do on the website or in the mobile app. The platform will automatically check the task straight after you’ve done it.

To see the list of ongoing and checked tasks, choose the section "Homework" in the left menu.

Homework tasks are shown in the form of cards with information on task progress.

image image

💡 The colour of a card depends on the task progress:
image — the task is completed
image — the task is in progress
image — the task is new or not completed

In the green square next to the card, you can see the average score for the tasks of this block.

To see the details or start doing the task, click on the card.

Inside a homework card

On the left, there is a menu with the contents of the card and useful links:

  • Plan — the task plan listing all the exercises, through which you can navigate (1).
  • Goal — the goal and the name of the lesson (2).
  • Notes — the notes that you can make for personal use (3).
  • Words — the section containing the definitions of the words added to the vocabulary (4).
  • Dictionary — dictionary search (5). Here you can look for the definitions of the words you don’t know.
  • Grammar — the grammar reference book (6) featuring the rules on the chosen topic.


Doing homework

Go to the left menu and find the tab Plan to see the list of all the exercises sent in the card. To do an exercise, click on it in the list.


  • Each exercise is tagged with the skill it develops (1).


  • The exercise description — what exactly needs to be done — can be found at the top of the page (2). There is also a helpful hint (3) and an example (4) illustrating how to do the exercise.
  • You can go to the next page, come back to the previous page or close the exercise whenever you want without losing the progress on the task.

Task score and the progress bar


  • You gain points for doing each task.
  • If the exercise is done correctly, the bar under the score turns green. If you’ve made a mistake, it turns red.
  • You don’t have to give the correct answer on your first try. If you have tried to answer multiple times, the bar will become in parts green and red, the prevailing colour depending on the number of correct answers and mistakes. Your teacher will be able to see this score.
  • If you’ve run out of tries, you’ll be shown a tip — the correct answer. In this case, you gain zero points.
  • You can’t delete the results of a completed task and start over. Students can only start over if their teacher sends the task once again.
  • After you’ve completed all the exercises on the page, the page score is calculated, and you can see the progress. If all the exercises on the page have been completed, you will see a green tick (2) under your score.


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